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General Tips

When the "No Results" page comes up, it may not always mean there are no "restaurants" in "Abilene" "Texas". The problem might be as simple as the wrong state has been selected. Please check to make sure you haven't accidentally selected the wrong state.

Phone Lookup

This option appears on every page on the top of the right-hand column. It allows our visitors to do a quick search for a specific phone number. It's important to remember that the phone number must include an area code, and a seven-digit phone number (ex. 714-555-1212). The input accepts and understands pretty much any phone number, regardless of format (for example, it correctly interprets--

all as the same phone number).

Keyword Search vs. Business Name Search

Either search requires a minimum of 3 characters to be successful. The keyword search is fairly intuitive, but you may find that you need to be creative with your keywords. The Business Name Search will search for all businesses in that City and State that BEGIN WITH whatever you type in, consequently, a search of "AR" will return both "Arrow Industries" and "Arlo's House of Pancakes."

Typos & Speeling Mistaeks

If your search is not successful (for instance, you keep getting the dreaded "no results" page), please check your spelling, both in the CITY field and the KEYWORD field. We're implementing a spell-checking feature that will fix most common typos, but until then, if it isn't spelled the way our search engine expects, "no results" will be the result. (by the way, did you ever notice that if you say the word "results" often enough, it ceases to have any meaning? No? Okay. Must just be us, then.)


It isn't necessary to use wildcards, such as *, %, ?, or $, because our search engine already maximizes each search to return the most results for your search. We've found that most users of Speedy Yellow Pages would prefer to get more results rather than fewer, so we've trained our search engine to do just that. You can refine or narrow your search by adding more to the keyword searched, for instance:
returns many results, such as ski lodges, ski manufacturers, ski repair, etc., while
   ski rental
will return a much smaller subset of the original search.

If all the above fails to generate the results you want, let us know. Our system keeps logs of search results; we review these logs regularly to help us fine-tune the system, but even the best fine-tuning won't be 100% perfect every time.